Applicants for Ministerial License

New Application Form 2014:
UPCI Headquarters has designed all-new license applications which must be used from now on. Your pastor, presbyter (or any licensed minister who has a login set up for can download any of these applications.  The application MUST be dated "Revised 2014" in the upper right hand corner of page 1 of the application! 

Regarding Applicants for Ministerial License:
All applicants for ministerial license (or upgrade) must preach an average of once a week (teaching Sunday School classes does not meet this requirement) for the six month period prior to meeting the District Board. They must have their pastor's approval to seek ministerial license. They must fulfill the Reading Requirements of the UPCI. They must fill out the appropriate license application (the process is described in the next paragraph). They must take a written exam from their Sectional Presbyter, and at that time certify that they have met the Reading Requirements of the UPCI. Finally, they must meet the District Board for the review of their application.

Ministerial License Application Procedure:
All applicants must obtain applications from their local pastor who in turn receives them from their Sectional Presbyter. After filling out the application, the local pastor must check over the application carefully, sign it, and give it to the Sectional Presbyter who must check over the application carefully and then send it to the District Secretary-Treasurer. The District Secretary-Treasurer must receive all filled out and triple-checked applications 60 days prior to the Board Meeting. The results of the written examination and the certification of meeting the Reading Requirements (which are described below the Board Meeting Schedule) should be given to the District Secretary-Treasurer prior to the Board Meeting. The Board Meeting dates (and deadlines) are; therefore, noted in the calendar below.

Board Meeting Schedule 2014:

Date: Time: Deadline: Event:Location:
May 3 10:00a March 2 at District ConferenceLandmark Board Room, Denver, Colorado
June 24 11:00a April 26 at Campmeeting Douglas Co Fairgrounds, Castle Rock
October 28 9:00a Aug 29 Fall Planning Session TBD

TBD = Yet To Be Determined


All License Applicants must read all of the books indicated in the Reading Requirements list, must preach 26 times during the six months prior to meeting the District Board, and must meet with his/her Presbyter to take an exam (this is true for all levels) and to discuss the exam results, the reading and preaching requirements and the filled out application with his/her Presbyter well before the Board Meeting!!   The filled out application must be in the hands of the District Secretary 60 days prior to the Board Meeting!!  You should also obtain a Life Insurance Beneficiary form from your Presbyter, fill it out and bring it, two copies of a picture of you and your spouse and bring two checks to the Board Meeting (to be filled out there at the Board Meeting)>

Written Exam: (New Requirement)
Additionally, all applicants for ministerial license (or upgrade) will be required to take an examination (a written test) from their Sectional Presbyter prior to meeting the District Board. Please speak to your Sectional Presbyter to schedule a time to do this. You will also be required (at the time of taking the written exam) to sign a form certifying that you have met all of the reading requirements. Please read the Ministerial Applicants' Reading Requirements.