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Dennis West To Glory!!

It is with great sadness, that I must announce to you the passing of Pastor Dennis E. West. Obviously, as a long time Colorado District Pastor and esteemed elder amongst us, long-time Board Member, former District Secretary-Treasurer, former District Superintendent, Presbyter, etc., his influence upon all of us cannot be overstated! We all loved him. And we love and will pray for Sister Becky West, the West family and the Life Tabernacle family.

That occasion which we all have been dreading, but which Glory has been happily anticipating, has now come. Our loved and admired; steadfast and faithful Soldier of the Cross, Bishop/Pastor Dennis E. West, has now laid down his weapons. In a sense, he has traded his cross for his crown. My ears desire to hear what Jesus has surely now said, "Well done, good and faithful servant!! Enter into the joys of your Lord!"

Our hopes for a miracle of healing and restoration have now been superseded by the Lord's will to take his servant; his son home to Glory! "To die is gain!" Our sorrow; yet Pastor West' rejoicing. We do not sorrow like others; because we also have Hope!!

We ought not to underestimate Pastor West' impact in both Grand Junction and across our fellowship... which has indeed been incredible!! As a long time leader in the Colorado District; Board Member/Presbyter, District Secretary-Treasurer, District Superintendent, and Pastor at Life Tabernacle in Grand Junction, he has led with distinction for so many years!!

We love him; His spiritual legacy and heritage will live on in all of us who choose to live the principle he exampled. All of our lives were enriched by knowing him. Honour to whom honour is due. We have known his labour for the Lord. Like the prophet Daniel, he was a man "in whom was an excellent spirit." I wonder if the Disciples in Glory have been anxious to meet such a man!

Let us all continue in prayer for our dear Sister West ... for Brother and Sister West' family ... and for the Saints of Life Tabernacle, Grand Junction.

In Jesus Christ, Our Lord,
Marney Turpin
Kevin M. Shaw
Colorado District UPCI

Campmeeting Update!!

We experienced a wonderful Campmeeting with great fellowship, worship, preaching, and a powerful flow of the Spirit of God. We have almost met our budget, so if you would like to give toward Campmeeting, please use the button just above. Pastors are encouraged to pay their "pledge" if they have not already!

Also coming soon...
Ladies Conference
is July 28-30, 2016. Ladies Conference Online Preregistration Link.

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